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Becoming Kind

Photo by Artem Beliakin on Unsplash
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We are proud to feature this piece from one of our amazing canadaloves.ca community members. Congratulations to Jeannie for winning our Canadian Thanksgiving contest.

From the time I was a little girl, my mother showed me what being kind was. She taught me by example; baking fresh bread and bringing it to the neighbor’s, feeding strangers, and giving even when we had little ourselves. Being kind especially during these times can be so easy. It’s being patient while waiting in the long lines and striking up a conversation with a stranger. It’s just saying thank you at the grocery store to those who are working so hard to make sure the lines are moving or the surfaces are clean. 

We all need human contact. People are reaching out more, and neighbors that hardly ever spoke to you are now speaking. By slowing down, it helps us to pay more attention to each other, after all, we are all going through similar experiences. 

I am so thankful for the quiet times to just think, to think about those times we took for granted. Oh, how I miss big hugs, and oh how I miss just being around those I love most. Let’s let our kindness be the reason someone smiles who hadn’t smiled in a long time. 

Kindness is showing love. Let’s do it.

Jeannie (St. Catharines)

Canadaloves.ca was proud to donate $50 to Marathon Sick Kids Fund through CanadaHelps in Jeannie’s honour.


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