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Tears from Tulips

Photo by Pascal van de Vendel on Unsplash
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Just before Easter in the Spring of 2020 when we were in the early stages of the pandemic there was a tremendous amount of fear, uncertainty, and stress. One did not have to look too hard to see it, I think we all felt it, it seemed to be everywhere. As trying as that was on us, we did not let it break us. Not even close. From coast to coast Canadians did what we always do – we came together, supported each other, helped our neighbours and loved one another. We did this in big ways and we did this in little ways.

There is one particular story that brings tears to my eyes every time I think of it. My Mother, who is in her late seventies had to go into town to get some critical supplies. Being as tough as she is, my Mother did not let anxiety overwhelm her and as she went in search of food and toilet paper she stopped and took notice of some beautiful yellow tulips that were sitting there minding their own business on the store shelf as the world scrambled around them. They didn’t have a price tag on them but she gently placed them in her shopping cart and continued on. When she arrived at the checkout she rang through all of the critical necessities for her and my Father first, saving the tulips for last. 

She then asked the cashier how much they were and upon hearing that they were more than she thought she decided she better be practical and leave them behind. 

She continued out into the chaos of the parking lot and the stressed out world and just as she was getting into her van the cashier came running out and gave her the tulips explaining that she had purchased them for her.

Now I don’t know what a cashier makes and I can’t even begin to know what they have to endure on a daily basis, but for this person to be in the thick of it on the front line and still see my Mother and an opportunity to do something really special for a stranger, that is next level love and kindness.

It brought tears to my eyes when my Mother told me this story and it still does every time I think of it. 

I want to live in a world in which this is how people treat my Mother when I am not able to be there for her. I think it’s the sum of these seemingly simple acts, this kind of thinking, and being aware enough to see how others around us are faring around us that makes Canada such a special place. I am so proud and grateful. Good work, team. Let’s keep that stuff up.

***UPDATE!  My Mom went back to that store, saw the amazing woman who bought her the tulips and she bought some flowers and gave them to the cashier and that made her day! I love Win-Win and I love the ripples we can create together in this world!

Do you have a story of someone being kind and loving to you or one of your loved ones when you could not be there for them? Share it with the community at CanadaLoves.ca


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