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Something Nice for a Neighbour

Doing something nice for a neighbour.
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I have known my good friend Scott for over 25 years now and for as long as I can remember he has always been a man of action and he is always looking for ways he can make other people’s day just a little bit better.

Scott really sees people and he takes the time to do special little things for them that are unique and personal, and those things typically make people feel pretty special and noticed.

As such, I was not overly surprised to hear that when his neighbour, Karen, casually mentioned to him that she wanted a lending library in her front yard so she could share books with her community, Scotty leapt into action.

Karen comes from proud British heritage so they decided to go with a British phone booth theme.

Scott feels good because he was able to do something nice for his neighbour, Karen feels good because she was able to do something nice for her community, and the community feels good because, well, free books and closer connections.

The pages are already turning. That’s the spirit! Great job, team.