Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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We are well-mannered

"I hope you enjoyed my yard. Have a good day"

50 Reasons that Prove why Canada is the Bomb Diggity

We have a landing pad for UFO's, because you never know. Check out these 50 reasons why Canada is awesome.

Inmates prove three important lessons that we should all remember

This story isn’t Canadian, but its lessons ring true for all humans: That no matter what uniform you wear, we are all human in the...

Mother who lost children in N.S. fire misses bus receives random...

"I think that empathy should trump policies."

Humanity restored with an iPad

"It doesn't matter how good I feel, it just matters how good she feels."

A dog, a locked car and a kind stranger

"I would love to see her again and thank her without tears and smile. Even though I have had some really bad luck there's people...

Edmonton donair shop offers some delicious kindness to a stranger

“If today, I help someone, maybe tomorrow I need help. Canada said welcome for everyone, because these people said welcome with me, they...

Ripples of Kindness in Canada

"I think some of us have this innate desire to make the world just a little bit better one person at a time...We just...

Life lessons from Jim Carrey

Canadian actor and comedian, Jim Carrey wishes more people could realize "all their dreams and wealth and fame," so they can "see that it’s...

Nova Scotia random act of kindness on a cold winters day

Imagine you're alone, on the street, and it's a cold night. Will anyone help? Will you?