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A Principal’s Love

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Our hearts swell when our community members share stories of loving-kindness.


My middle child has mental health issues. He has struggled for many years with behavior, anxiety, depression. Many unresolved feelings of being abandoned by his father.

He never had many friends and was often bullied. difficulties with social cues left him lonely.

My child inflicted self-harm and had no confidence leading to suicidal behavior at the young ages of 7-10. During these years I fought for services to help us had the run around I often felt like giving up. A lady by the name of Pamela Hamilton, my son’s principal during this time never gave up on him. She fought for him too. She was his safe person to go to at school, once Nicholas left school in a fit and she chased after him in her heels and a snow Blizzard. Pam hugged him in that snowbank until he was calm. This principal fought for his assessments and equipment and anything to help. For years she had his back trying to find programs to help us. Pamela Hamilton visited him when his mental health was at its worst in the hospital. I could go on with many more things she did for my son. Her acts were not just her job, they went beyond. It was a kindness to a child, a mother to our family. My son and Pamela are no longer student/principal but Pamela checks on him regularly and Nick loves to hear from her. Thanks for believing in Nicholas, Pamela Hamilton. – Julie H.

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