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Senior takes over a thousand Thank-you cards to truck stops during pandemic to show drivers her gratitude

Beverley Perrin wanted to give back to truck drivers for their work during the pandemic. She heads to an Ontario truck stop occasionally to hand out hundreds of thank-you cards. Source: CBC News
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When the pandemic first hit early last year, supply shortages for necessities quickly followed. Though shelves were sometimes emptied, there were a group of essential workers caught in the middle, working throughout the night to ensure we never went without. They were the men and women responsible for transporting the goods, our transport drivers who work tirelessly to ensure medicine, food and toilet paper make it into our homes. Sometimes forgotten as our unsung heroes, one senior made it her pandemic mission to ensure they felt her gratitude.

Beverley Perrin, shown with her husband Dick, has been providing cards for truckers to thank them for their work during the pandemic. Source: CBC News

After viewing several news stories in which long haul drivers detailed the harsh conditions of trucking in the age of COVID-19—like not being allowed to use restrooms or being forced to stay in their cabs for hours at a time after crossing the border—Beverly Perrin of Chatham, Ontario decided these essential workers deserved to be thanked.

Last April, Perrin and her husband, Dick, began delivering boxes filled with 100 thank-you cards every few weeks to a truck-stop near their Chatham home. To date, they’re up to delivering over 1,000 cards.

“When I first started doing it, they just kind of looked at me like, ‘Really?’” Perrin told CBC news. “One trucker asked me, ‘How much do I pay you?’ [I told him] it’s just from me to you, as a senior—that we so appreciate you.”

Each one of Perrin’s cards contains the same message: “Thank you so much for bringing supplies to our stores. Even though it is sometimes under harsh circumstances. Take care. Stay safe. God’s blessing on you always. Love Beverly Perrin, a very grateful senior.

One of the hundreds of hand-written cards. Source: Trucknews.com  

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