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The Energy of the Universe: a Timely Email

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We believe that the energy of the universe is the most powerful thing there is. We can’t help but wonder about the timing of certain events and what they mean not only for us but for others as well; such a magnanimous phenomenon. Here’s a reminder from our community, that it’s always the right time to check in with a friend or loved one.


A few years ago I took some time off to go traveling and I had not spoken with my good friend Scott Little in several weeks and he had no idea where I was on the planet. However, on the afternoon I visited Hiroshima, Scotty could feel the pain I felt in my soul as I visited the memorials and this is the actual email I received from him when I got connected to wifi again. That was pretty kind.  

Our mission is to spread the good word; and there is lots of it. Please share your stories of loving kindness with us here.

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