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Toronto Community Rallies to Support Tate Hill as Winter Approaches

Photo: Life at The Shores, Humber Bay
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“It’s like a kid’s book — the little red sailboat in the bay, it is always there. No one really knew who he was.” Evan Clifford

Tate Hill’s life just took a turn for the better. Torontonians came together to raise money for Tate. He lives on his small red sailboat on Humber Bay. He doesn’t live alone either. Tate has three dogs who keep him company.

As the seasons changed and the temperature dropped, residents of the community became concerned about the bay freezing and what this might mean for him and his furry companions.

Together, they have raised thousands of dollars for him to find a place to dock for the winter, and to feed his pups. While some people in the community believe this might be enabling him, Tate is overwhelmed with the support. He hopes to eventually upgrade his little red sailboat and sail around the world helping people in storm-ravaged countries to rebuild their homes.

His story is unique and has inspired many people. We hope that by sharing, it might inspire you too.

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Community Contributor: Scott L.

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