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10-Year-Old Sees Homeless Man in Saskatoon and Acts on His Wise Instinct

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This is a heartwarming story about a young man, a beautiful idea, and parents who supported him to see it through. Kaidan saw a homeless man laying on the sidewalk in front of a shelter. “I want to get him a blanket and a tent,” he immediately told his parents.

Without hesitation, they went and found a sleeping bag, some food, and gathered some change they found in the vehicle. They drove drive around for an hour trying to find the right person to give it to when finally they found him. They shook hands all gave a huge hug and exchanged names.

“I tell ya, this was one of the nicest people we had met in our lives. He had his toque and face mask on, but he took them off with such happiness. He had a huge smile because someone cared for him too. This was the best hug I have had in my life. He was so thankful for our gifts,” recounts his mom.

They got back into the vehicle and Kaidan said, “You know I just feel funny happy inside my heart.”

Kaidan has served as such an inspiration for his parents. As his mom puts it, everything was his idea, they just helped him manifest a beautiful idea.

Kudos Kaidan, your actions don’t go unnoticed.

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