Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Kevin Rogers Cobus

I have a passion for creativity and for making the world a better place. I sometimes get overwhelmed by how much I’m not doing to save the world, but then I take a deep breath and try to center on the fact that every kind gesture, every selfless act, every generous sentiment creates a ripple effect. I edit and organize content and messaging for CanadaLoves. I also assist with some of the webmastering and marketing initiatives. I also heard there would be tacos.

Thanks, Gord Downie, for Away Is Mine

It’s difficult to summarize the admiration and respect I have for Gord Downie. I feel like he’s been with me my whole life, imparting...

The Power of Secret Notes

We all get an endorphin rush from seeing new notifications for messages, be it on social media or via email.  But nothing matches the elation...

Attitude Versus Behaviour: What Comes First?

Someone started a thread in the forum recently about attitude versus behaviour. Which comes first; having a great attitude, or taking action on something...

There is Good News Out There

A friend of mine once told me that even the smallest actions had a ripple effect around the earth. He summarized it by saying...