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    Is This Your Mitt?

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    I’m no graphologist, but when I look at the letters that make up this note, I am quite certain that whoever wrote it is kind and considerate. The slanted cross on the “T” and “f.” Signing off with “Good Luck.” The mitt, washed and mended, then placed in a plastic bag, and tacked to the pole. 

    I can only imagine that the delightful person responsible, grinned as they picked it up. They probably treated it like it was misplaced by a loved one, and I bet they made returning the glove top-priority. 

    What’s so special about here, is that even if the mitt never made its way back to the person who lost it at the base of the Power pole, I am sure that many passersby read the note, smiled, and walked on. Some shared what they saw in conversation. Others took a picture, and here we are.

    We all have these little voices inside our head that nudge us to do this or that, to avoid this or that. If we could just crowd out the voices that silence what we know to be right – we might be mending mittens too. Or at least washing them; at minimum, picking them up when we see them in places they don’t belong. 

    A little goes a long way. 

    Good luck.

    Source: Unknown

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