What can polar bears teach us about polar opposites?

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    I am trying hard not to look at the world through only one lens. People are getting furious with each other over the way they choose to see the world. In some cases, this fury is leading to violence. Perhaps out of fear, people get so firmly entrenched in their beliefs they are incredulous when someone has a different perspective. But difference in perspective is part of what makes us human. 

    I happen to think that at our core, we are genuinely good. If any two people, even bitter enemies, saw that someone was in dire need of help, they would rise to the occasion. I believe people have the capacity to recognize one another as people first, instead of allowing their perspectives to interfere with human nature.

    How can we inspire a paradigm shift for people to reset to their real human nature? 

    Perhaps we should release the polar bears. 

    Did you know that in Churchill Manitoba everyone leaves their car doors and houses unlocked. Why, you ask? It’s in case one of their fellow human beings runs into a polar bear and they need shelter.

    I have no desire to see anyone get eaten by a polar bear. But if they were unleashed on humans en masse, do you think we’d shift focus away from violently defending our perspectives and instead try to protect one another? Would we open our doors? Food for thought, not food for polar bears. 

    What do you think? How might we help inspire people with disparate views of the world to come together and consider people first? How can we make it easier for those who feel scared and alone to come in from the cold and be with other kind and loving people where it’s safe and warm?